Worst Performance by an Author (cover version)

Some years ago, Jonathan Franzen made a terrible author video. I watched it many times and laughed. The more I watched it, though, the more it made sense to me as the ideal act of authorly rebellion…and the more I found myself sympathizing with Franzen’s concerns. Finally, today, I recorded my cover version. Here it is in all its glory: “Jonathan Franzen on Author Videos” … Continue reading Worst Performance by an Author (cover version)

A Blurb from Rainn Wilson…

…for Panorama City! Um, the city. “I have a special relationship with Panorama City, CA. First of all, The Office is literally filmed there. Also, I saw Dungeons and Dragons, The Movie there a long time ago. Also they have a Home Depot. I haven’t read the book yet but if it’s half as interesting as the actual city, it’s gonna be a doozy.” –Rainn … Continue reading A Blurb from Rainn Wilson…

Blammo! New Tab!

I’ve added a tab over there on the right (“NEIGHBORS’) to spruce things up around here. Now Starring… The temporary home of poet G.M. Quinte, currently residing in his cousin’s guesthouse and on my server. Stunningly opaque free verse. The Slow Paparazzo. His motto: “Right Place + Wrong Time = 100% Fame.” Jean-Jacques Arsenault’s inspirational self-published coffee table book, Shopping Carts of Panorama City Continue reading Blammo! New Tab!

Festival of Books

Another year, another LA Times Festival of Books. I’m feeling somewhat melancholy in the wake of it. It’s hard to come back to the desk after such a wonderfully stimulating series of social interactions, literary or otherwise. Usually I get excited to meet one writer or another, someone whose work I’ve always admired but I’ve never had the chance to meet, someone who is a … Continue reading Festival of Books