“This is a book you will hold in your head all day long, a book you will look forward to when you get home from work, a book you will still be savoring as you drift into sleep. Panorama City is often very funny. It is filled with joy and wonder, and a sort of goodness you had stopped believing might be even possible. Antoine Wilson’s sentences are like diamond necklaces but his greatest treasure is his human heart.”
Peter Carey
“Charming and oddball…A bracingly humane story whose narrator’s wisdom and forbearance make you see the world afresh…A delightful performance, a winning and warm story whose success can be credited to Wilson’s canny and often piercing use of Oppen’s sensibility.”
Adam Ross, New York Times Book Review
New York Times Editors’ Choice /// San Francisco Chronicle Best of 2012 /// Los Angeles Times Bestseller /// SCIBA Book of the Year 2013 Finalist /// San Fernando Valley Award for Fiction
"As assured and sumptuously written as any first novel I’ve encountered–Antoine Wilson’s prose sings and the story he tells here is both clever and compelling. This is writing at its very best."
TC Boyle
"Oh, what thrilling dread, falling in with a character as twisted as the narrator of Antoine Wilson’s terrific first novel, “The Interloper.” It’s like leaving a party with a designated driver, only to discover as you swerve down the driveway that your new friend is drunker than you are. Or worse, completely insane."
Jess Walter, Los Angeles Times Sunday Book Review
The L Magazine’s Book of the Decade /// Las Vegas City Life’s Top Ten Books of the Year /// Foreword Magazine Book of the Year finalist