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the german edition of me

Ein Mann Von Welt (with English Subtitles) from Antoine Wilson on Vimeo.

When my German publisher Suhrkamp / Insel asked me to introduce myself to the German readers of PANORAMA CITY (titled EIN MANN VON WELT over there), I couldn’t resist trying to speak their language.

For the record, I speak not a word of German.

Location: Oxnard, CA, standing in for the dunes of Sylt.

I hereby invite any and all crowdsourced book trailers for PANORAMA CITY.

So today I got an email from my old school writing homie John Woodward, sympathizing with my book trailer plight. Not only sympathizing, but linking to a trailer Woody himself threw together:


In exchange for his fine work, Woody gets my eternal gratitude.*

*Which he had already.

Worst Performance by an Author (cover version)

Some years ago, Jonathan Franzen made a terrible author video. I watched it many times and laughed. The more I watched it, though, the more it made sense to me as the ideal act of authorly rebellion…and the more I found myself sympathizing with Franzen’s concerns.

Finally, today, I recorded my cover version. Here it is in all its glory:

“Jonathan Franzen on Author Videos” (cover version) from Antoine Wilson on Vimeo.

Here’s the original Franzen version.

To balance the scales, here’s a much better Franzen video on comic writers (re Gogol: “He was a chilly motherfucker.”):