Some New Things

Issue 2 of my terrible online magazine (with amazing contributors) is finally live. If you missed issue 1, worry not…simply keep on scrolling sideways. CRONY DEUX And I wrote a little something about my surfing life for a collaboration between Trop and Underwater New York. Sand in My Joints I’ve tried to write surf stories many times before, and it’s never felt right. This one … Continue reading Some New Things


My friend Colin’s piece on migraines and the artwork of Renee French contains a reference to duck diving, along with a helpful link to this here blog. So for those of you who clicked on the link, and for the rest of you, too, duck diving is a technique surfers use to get their shortboards under a breaking (or more likely already broken) wave. (Longboarders … Continue reading Quackery

Fatal Socal Shark Attack

A 66-year-old man was killed by a shark while swimming off the coast of Solana Beach this morning, authorities said. The attack happened at 7:20 a.m. near Fletcher Cove in an area known as Table Tops, said Lt. Phil Brust, a spokesman for San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. Apparently helicopters were flying up and down the coast announcing “FATAL SHARK ATTACK, LEAVE THE WATER NOW.” … Continue reading Fatal Socal Shark Attack