With so much drama at the FOB it’s kinda hard being A N T O I N E

Ladies and Gentlemen,

My favorite time of year is coming up. The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books is only a week away.

I’ll be moderating a bang-up panel on Saturday April 22nd, at 11:00am with four fantastic authors:

Marcy Dermansky
Gina Frangello
Jon Raymond
Lisa See

The title of our panel is “Everybody’s Got One: Fiction & Families,” but we’ll be talking much more than family, no doubt.

Possible side-topics include: Pu’er tea, writing like Haruki Murakami, desire, and the legacy of violence.

Come listen and then ask a weird question!

Bye, Dad

A few years ago I wrote about my father’s cremation for A Public Space, and they’ve now made the piece available online. Check it out: …

En Francais, En PDF!

[I love the cassette tape themed cover]

The French translation of Panorama City comes out today in France, and next week in Canada.

It’s a particularly exciting moment for me, having never had any of my work translated into what was once my native language. I’ve since forgotten most of my French, but I’m nevertheless looking forward to making my way through Bernard Hoepffner’s translation. (I’m going to wish I hadn’t used so many subjunctive verb conjugations.)

Panorama City, French Translation, Buchet/Chastel

A PDF of the opening pages, en francais!

Paperback Day

It’s a momentous day for Panorama City, the novel. The paperback is out! I love the cover, with its cursive title (which I hope people …


The writing doesn’t stop on the last page, folks, even once the book is in print. If you’re curious to read some of the occasional …