Blammo! New Tab!

I’ve added a tab over there on the right (“NEIGHBORS’) to spruce things up around here. Now Starring… The temporary home of poet G.M. Quinte, currently residing in his cousin’s guesthouse and on my server. Stunningly opaque free verse. The Slow Paparazzo. His motto: “Right Place + Wrong Time = 100% Fame.” Jean-Jacques Arsenault’s inspirational self-published coffee table book, Shopping Carts of Panorama City Continue reading Blammo! New Tab!

poets versus fiction writers

My second year at Iowa, I lived with three poets in a farmhouse out on Taft Ave SE. Here’s a fake painting of it, complete with cut-and-paste signature. (It had been moved to that location some years before and so had no trees around it. Kind of creepy, huh?) It’s gone now, or moved. Apparently, the owner’s son liked it so much he moved it … Continue reading poets versus fiction writers

bits and bytes

Yesterday I heard a window-washer say to his co-worker: “I don’t usually talk to my psychic about everyday stuff.” Facebook is starting to reach terminal velocity…when you’ve got more friends than you care to have, when just about everyone has jumped on board. Recall the shipwrecks of Friendster and MySpace. Get a life, or a lifeboat? Literary venom! The Book of My Enemy Has Been … Continue reading bits and bytes

the houlihan treatment

Over at Critical Mass, John Freeman was kind enough to post John Updike’s Rules for Book Reviewing, all of which fall well within the boundaries of common sense. As I mentioned in ur so hacky you don’t even know ur hacky, I’m relatively naive vis-a-vis the conventions of book reviewing. I sort of feel my way along. And so it’s nice to discover that Updike’s … Continue reading the houlihan treatment