A Poem by GM Quinte

International Call You can see in the early light of dawn Facing the noise of the so-called Twilight Bright stars through the perilous fight, and a wide range of his […]

Blammo! New Tab!

I’ve added a tab over there on the right (“NEIGHBORS’) to spruce things up around here. Now Starring… The temporary home of poet G.M. Quinte, currently residing in his cousin’s […]

poets versus fiction writers

My second year at Iowa, I lived with three poets in a farmhouse out on Taft Ave SE. Here’s a fake painting of it, complete with cut-and-paste signature. (It had […]

bits and bytes

Yesterday I heard a window-washer say to his co-worker: “I don’t usually talk to my psychic about everyday stuff.” Facebook is starting to reach terminal velocity…when you’ve got more friends […]

the houlihan treatment

Over at Critical Mass, John Freeman was kind enough to post John Updike’s Rules for Book Reviewing, all of which fall well within the boundaries of common sense. As I […]

“the most significant English-language poet born since the second World War.”

[Rackett Lyricist/Guitarist/Percussionist Muldoon.] Paul Muldoon has a band. And, yes, they have a MySpace page.

In response to Laurel’s post…

Laurel, over at jewishyirishy, posted an ancient photograph of a Halloween trip to the Iowa City Hy-Vee, circa 1998. We were probably enroute to a party at the farmhouse. In […]

Two new ones on the blogroll

The Radical Formalist, a brand-new lit-blog that asks you to ask yourself: What do missile defense and prosody have in common? Anything? The Reading Experience, an excellent top-quality lit-blog about […]