Merry and Bright!

I must have been extra nice this year, because Santa hooked me up with some amazing end-of-year goodies: A rave review of PANORAMA CITY in the NEW YORK TIMES BOOK […]

What? Another interview?

I know it’s a bit of a one-two punch, but I’ve got another (complimentary, not redundant) interview up (@ The Sound of Young America blog). New questions, new answers, new […]

but do i sound kind of canadian?

Thanks, Ed! EXCERPT FROM SHOW: Wilson: Maybe some of the more classical allusions came from the fact that I was reading Don Quixote while I was writing the book. Correspondent: […]

The Sound of Young America

Okay, so there’s this radio show / podcast called The Sound of Young America, hosted by young turk / radio tyro / 23-year-old !?! Jesse Thorn, aka America’s Radio Sweetheart. […]