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red zone lexus hybrid

This morning’s parking entitlement winner parked his lexus 400h in a straight up red zone. I know, because I was circling the block looking for a spot. His eco-conscious wheels remained at the red curb long after I’d run my errand.

Who am I talking about?

Hint: He was in a tv show called Becker.

Another hint: He’s featured often on Curb Your Enthusiasm

Final hint: His character’s name on Curb is Ted Danson.

Aw, snap.

Okay, so it isn’t as bad as the Annie Hall star (she played Annie Hall) who parked her G-Wagen in front of a hydrant, but I don’t get out that much.

And where are the Range Rovers–the official vehicle of Westside parking entitlement?

This feature needs pictures.

new category

i’ve added a new category to the blog: “parking entitlement”

for the past several weeks, i’ve considered starting a whole new blog, a bad-parking-foto-festival, but then something shiny distracts me for a minute and… where was i?

i figured the only way to bring the idea to half-fruition would be to start small & start here.

i’m afraid i don’t have any pics yet, but here are two profound and topical insights from the westside of l.a.:

  • red zone = range rover parking only
  • if you are a recognizable CELEBRITY, do not park your G-Wagen Benz in front of a FIRE HYDRANT and run off across the street into Shutters at the Beach, because people will inevitably recognize you and call you out on their internationally famous blogs. consider this a WARNING. p.s. you were great in annie hall.*
  • *as annie hall.