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A Blurb from Rainn Wilson…

…for Panorama City!

Um, the city.

“I have a special relationship with Panorama City, CA. First of all, The Office is literally filmed there. Also, I saw Dungeons and Dragons, The Movie there a long time ago. Also they have a Home Depot. I haven’t read the book yet but if it’s half as interesting as the actual city, it’s gonna be a doozy.”

–Rainn Wilson


So the other morning I thought of a vanity plate I might like.


Though now that I think of it, that joke could get old very quickly.

Anyway, I checked on it. UNIQUE{1-9} are all taken.

Also, I saw the Sex and the City movie.

It is a culturally and morally bankrupt travesty, a sham in every way…and the most reprehensible piece of filmic shit I’ve ever seen.*

Depressing to imagine that anyone could have possibly liked it, especially fans of the TV show. Seriously depressing.

I want to find the people responsible for this al-qaeda recruitment video and punch them in the face.

* I’m not anti-SATC in general. If the movie had just been a three-times-longer mediocre episode of the show, I wouldn’t give it more than a meh, oh well.