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making progress…

…on the novel and on the site.

I considered putting up a “construction in progress” splash page and then re-launching my site when all of the work was done, but then I thought… NOBODY CARES. Might as well give my two readers the opportunity to watch the death star get built piece by piece. (Keep Skywalker away.)

What I’m looking to do is to incorporate everything from the old site into the wordpress framework, to make a sort of CMS out of it. The result is that the site will lead with the blog, that is with the freshest content, and allow exploration into all of the more static stuff from there.

G.M. Quinte will be exiled to links, somewhere. His poems resist any design but his own.

New Computer!!!

I’ve replaced my limping powerbook with a shiny new 20″ imac. I feel like I’ve just had my glasses prescription updated. The screen is fantastic. I opted for the 20″ rather than the 24″ b/c the larger screen seemed impossibly massive. But after a day on the 20″, I think I could have gotten used to it.

I’m also backing up with a shiny new drobo on the side, which makes my whisper quiet mac sound like an old PC.