Paperback Sept 10 + NY Sept 19

I am coming to New York on September 19. to launch PANORAMA CITY in paperback. and to celebrate A Public Space. One night only. Imprint this into your brains: When: Thursday, September 19, 7:00 p.m. Where: Lillian Vernon Creative Writers House, located at 58 W. 10th Street (between 5th and 6th Aves.) What and Who: Readings by Tom Drury, Sarah Manguso, and Antoine Wilson, hosted … Continue reading Paperback Sept 10 + NY Sept 19


Literary Death Match, Nov 7 at Busby’s East in L.A. I’ll be reading with/competing against: Adam Novy, author of The Avian Gospels Tracy McMillan, television writer and author of Why You’re Not Married…Yet. Shawna Kenney, author of the Firecracker Award-winning memoir, I Was a Teenage Dominatrix, and Imposters, a book about celebrity impersonators. We’ll be judged by: Molly Ringwald, superstar actress and author of When It Happens to You: A Novel in … Continue reading YOU GUYS MOLLY RINGWALD IS GONNA JUDGE ME.

Book (Buying) Tour

My book tour is officially over. (Or at least the part that involves me going to bookstores. I’m doing Literary Death Match next month in L.A. (Nov. 7) and I’ll be attending the Miami Book Fair as well.) This time around, I had the pleasure of reading and Q&Aing at an amazing group of thriving independent bookstores. Each bookstore provided a glimpse into a lively … Continue reading Book (Buying) Tour

Book Tour Dates

Folks, still sorting out some details, but I want to let everybody know what the upcoming book tour looks like for PANORAMA CITY: (Always available on the ABOUT > EVENTS page.) Official NY book launch: Antoine Wilson (in Conversation with Ed Park), McNally-Jackson Bookstore, New York, NY, September 28, 2012. L.A. sneak peek event: West Hollywood Book Fair, “Calling of the Land” panel w/ Katie … Continue reading Book Tour Dates

Why I Love Your Book Group

One of the pleasures of publishing a book is getting to hold a reading at your local bookshop. Family and friends show up, along with a few fans, former students, and, if it’s been promoted well, a handful of curious strangers. You sell books, which is nice. And no matter how modest your advance, or how small your pin on the publishing map, a good … Continue reading Why I Love Your Book Group

As Told To

Lookie what I found in my inbox! Veronique du Turenne was down Mexico way recently for the Guadalajara International Book Fair, where she snapped this significant shot of a massive electronic wall celebrating L.A. authors. This year’s “Guest of Honor” was Los Angeles–the first time a city (as opposed to a country) has received that distinction. I didn’t recognize the quotation at first. The sentiment, … Continue reading As Told To

Festival of Books

Another year, another LA Times Festival of Books. I’m feeling somewhat melancholy in the wake of it. It’s hard to come back to the desk after such a wonderfully stimulating series of social interactions, literary or otherwise. Usually I get excited to meet one writer or another, someone whose work I’ve always admired but I’ve never had the chance to meet, someone who is a … Continue reading Festival of Books