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Ming Pao

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Here I am in the online version of the Hong Kong magazine Ming Pao.

I was interviewed a while back as part of a series about artists working in Los Angeles.

Below, a Google Translation of the text.

Writing in California

Childhood growing up in California writer Antoine Wilson, there is a fiction scene located east coast of Santa Monica, another novel “Panorama City” is set in California climbed another hill. Which became a bestseller in Los Angeles, the “New York Times” named appreciation, was also chosen book of the year 2012 in San Francisco.

Writing in the United States, living space seems without geographical limitations, but life is an important influence. Antoine said: “The writer here many couples when one of them is television screenwriter, another engaged in literary creation.” In his own case, his wife is the TV screenwriter, and he focused on fiction writing. “For writing people, the film industry is a big attraction, but also the strong competition. But for me, compared to film literature, touched something more internal, this is what I need.”

Because family life, and his wife take turns to take care of the child, he will go to set up specially for writers and writing space The Office. “Here, we do not talk at work, but tired or written to be similar across the cafe to chat.” He bears witness to the Holy Land has become a tourist in Santa Monica becomes rich, while the gap between rich and poor people in Los Angeles more pull wide . “There’s different regions have their own face, appears to be a diverse city, but a closer look will find many areas are marginalized.”