the german edition of me

Ein Mann Von Welt (with English Subtitles) from Antoine Wilson on Vimeo. When my German publisher Suhrkamp / Insel asked me to introduce myself to the German readers of PANORAMA […]

I hereby invite any and all crowdsourced book trailers for PANORAMA CITY.

So today I got an email from my old school writing homie John Woodward, sympathizing with my book trailer plight. Not only sympathizing, but linking to a trailer Woody himself […]

proust questionnaire 2011

What is your idea of perfect happiness? I don’t have one. What is your greatest fear? Dying abruptly. Which living person do you most admire? My wife. What is the […]

Why I Love Your Book Group

One of the pleasures of publishing a book is getting to hold a reading at your local bookshop. Family and friends show up, along with a few fans, former students, […]

Why I Gave You that Blank Stare, and Why You Gave Me One, Too

When you publish a book, and people read it, and they want to say nice things to you about it (or maybe they’re avoiding saying mean things about it), they […]