Literary Death Match, Nov 7 at Busby’s East in L.A.

I’ll be reading with/competing against:

Adam Novy, author of The Avian Gospels

Tracy McMillan, television writer and author of Why You’re Not Married…Yet.

Shawna Kenney, author of the Firecracker Award-winning memoir, I Was a Teenage Dominatrix, and Imposters, a book about celebrity impersonators.

We’ll be judged by:

Molly Ringwald, superstar actress and author of When It Happens to You: A Novel in Stories

Matt Walsh, UCB co-founder, actor and improviser extraordinaire

Maria Bamford, comedian (Unwanted Thoughts Syndrome), actress, voice-master

This is going to be fun. It’s $10, and the first 100 tickets get a copy of PANORAMA CITY in the bargain. Because that’s the kind of guy I am. Come cheer me on, amigos.


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