ur so hacky you don’t even know ur hacky

The Seven Deadly Words of Book Reviewing [NYT]

Oh shit, I’ve used three of them!

  • muses (Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman; Remainder)
  • eschew (Remainder)
  • compelling (God’s Middle Finger: Into the Lawless Heart of the Sierra Madre)
  • I plead no contest to eschew.

    As for the other two:

    Murakami’s narrators do tend to muse, and in the Remainder review, I used muse w/r/t Proust’s narrator, who, we all can agree, is a master muser. (Whether I should be strung up for bringing Proust into the review is another question entirely.)

    The Sierra Madre book was genuinely compelling. I invite anyone to disagree.

    I’m relieved that I managed to avoid, despite my relative naivete in these matters, poignant, lyrical, intriguing, and craft (vt).

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