The Sound of Young America

Okay, so there’s this radio show / podcast called The Sound of Young America, hosted by young turk / radio tyro / 23-year-old !?! Jesse Thorn, aka America’s Radio Sweetheart. It’s billed as A Radio Show About Things That Are Awesome — and, um, it is.

The sound quality’s not always epic, but the content is consistently top-notch, and guests have included (archive here): Everyone from Bob Odenkirk to George Pelecanos, Andrew WK to They Might Be Giants, Louis CK, Terry Jones, Fred Armisen, Brent Hoff (Wholphin editor), etc. etc.

I keep the thing updated in my itunes, and I always burn a couple of these before a long drive. One of these days I’ll have to send Jesse a couple of bucks for keeping me company on the road.

Does anyone actually listen to this show on the three radio stations broadcasting it? (KSFS 88.1 FM San Francisco, CA, WUSM 88.5 FM Hattiesburg, MS, or KWCW 90.5 FM Walla Walla, WA) I guess the show was out of Santa Cruz for six years…and is now based somewhere else…SF?

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  1. Just got your phone message and this came up in my google blog search rss feed (the practical way to google yourself).

    The show is produced out of my house in San Francisco, and is now on four stations. No one really listens to it on any of them. We had a lot of listeners in Santa Cruz, but had to leave that station for sort of complicated reasons related to ownership of the show. I’m headed down there Friday to talk with the local NPR station there about becoming our new “flagship” station. That should happen soon.

    And I recently turned 25… probably an out-of-date bio, I’m not very good about that kind of thing. I was 23 when the podcast started.

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