the no waves update

Teaching again.

I’m thinking it should get me back in the saddle writing-wise. The sheer guilt involved with telling my students to write every day while I stem on my rank is enough to send me to the novel-in-progress.

Plus, there are no waves to speak of.

The Pacific looks like a lake right now.

In other news, we’ve rescued a litter of four kittens from our backyard. Has anyone out there done this before? It turned out to be quite an operation, with humane traps and trips to the vet and all that. Of course, we’ve spayed/neutered and chipped the lot. Two have gone to wonderful owners. Anyone else in the Los Angeles area looking to adopt a pair of cuties? They’re very sweet. Mom looks sweet, too, but she’ll take you out. Sent my mother-in-law to the ER, STAT. All are currently residing at a cat hotel in Burbank.

2 thoughts on “the no waves update

  1. they’re obscenely cute!

    beware of becoming an animal adopter. i ended up about 7K in debt. no shit. now im writing a thing about how i hate animals…


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