The Interloper was on CBS last night.

Thanks to the inestimable beneficence of the beautiful and talented Megyn Price, The Interloper popped up on last night’s episode of CBS’s hit sitcom Rules of Engagement. Look for it on Audrey’s nightstand as the season plays out.

This is part of my masterplan to become the king of all media. Or at least interlope my novel onto all four major networks. Perhaps you recall it popping up on the Emmy-winning 30 Rock last season?

Next week, FOX? Prison Break?

Seriously, next week Prison Break.

Hello, ABC?

3 thoughts on “The Interloper was on CBS last night.

  1. You put your blood, sweat, and tears into that book and now it’s in her armpit on national television. God Bless this fine country.

    Is that Laura Linney? Rene Zellweger? The first picture looks like Helen Hunt, with that squint; maybe it’s all three of them, a la Kurt Russell/Patrick Swayze.

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