The Echo-Chamber of Self-Branding

When did artists become avatars?

Who else but artists are the simultaneous guardians, transmitters, and rejuvenators of our culture?

When we asks artists to become brands, we exclude from art the complexity of being human.

Go to this guy for X. This woman writes Y, dependably.

I’m not saying that artists are without their obsessions, only that our culture encourages obsessions (qua branding) where there might not be any.

As a result, the pressure to find one’s “thing” may end up crushing beyond recognition a REAL THING.

To an artist looking to put work out into the world, the question becomes how to represent yourself to the world.

When you let preexisting forms direct the course of your self-representation, you do yourself a disservice.

Plus, it’s boring.

We have enough brands already.

We need artists, desperately.

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