PANORAMA CITY…coming in 2012

PANORAMA CITY…coming in 2012


PANORAMA CITY will be released by Grove/Atlantic’s Black Cat Books in 2012.

Here’s a tease, from Publisher’s Marketplace:

THE INTERLOPER author Antoine Wilson’s PANORAMA CITY, about a curious, openhearted, bicycle-riding, binocular-wearing man of-the-world, who, believing he is on his deathbed, decides to record everything his unborn son might find useful as he makes his own way in the world, to Lauren Wein at Black Cat, by Anna Stein at Aitken Alexander (NA).

Or, to put it in Hollywood Terms, THE JERK meets GILEAD.

Want more? Can’t wait til next year?

Pick up a copy of A Public Space, issue 12, where you’ll find a meaty little chunk masquerading as a short story titled, appropriately, “Panorama City.”

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