not my cover art, kids

Hey folks,

Just got back from NYC!

While there, I had a great time meeting various amazingly talented and enthusiastic people at Other Press, and I got to see an actual printed-out copy of the preliminary cover art for my forthcoming novel.*

I also got a chance to catch up with issue two of a public space and oh boy it’s a goodie! The David Mitchell and Maile Chapman stories blew me away, in very different ways, and I really enjoyed Chicu Reddy’s poems as well as Ann Lauterbach’s. I’m still making my way through the issue, so I’m sure I’ve left out something else. Oh and the selection from Laurie Sheck’s Archangel was effing awesome–I can’t wait to see more…

*I’ll post the actual cover art as soon as it’s finalized, but in the meanwhile, here’s a different Interloper (Scion, Limited (UK digest), 1953) by Vargo Statten.

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