En Francais, En PDF!

[I love the cassette tape themed cover]

The French translation of Panorama City comes out today in France, and next week in Canada.

It’s a particularly exciting moment for me, having never had any of my work translated into what was once my native language. I’ve since forgotten most of my French, but I’m nevertheless looking forward to making my way through Bernard Hoepffner’s translation. (I’m going to wish I hadn’t used so many subjunctive verb conjugations.)

Panorama City, French Translation, Buchet/Chastel

A PDF of the opening pages, en francais!

2 thoughts on “En Francais, En PDF!

  1. Hi Antoine–First, congrats on all the book and writing news of the last few years! Second–and no need to post this comment, but–your FB account is deactivated and I wanted to look back at that list of “books that stayed with me.” I have this niggling feeling you listed something I haven’t read, but want to. Help! Help! Would you be willing to email me the list?
    And now I see I need to read YOUR book, as well! Hurrah!

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