dusk at noon

Canyon Country Fire, originally uploaded by Bridgeport Mike.

These fires are astounding. About an hour ago, the somewhat clear sky started to fill with wind-blown smoke, and it looked closer to sunset than noon. I surfed with a friend this morning and together we watched the smoke drift across the sky. At one point we were coughing so hard I thought I was going to puke. Good thing all the local schools have shut down phys ed classes for the time being.

Please consider making a modest donation to The American Red Cross to help those affected by this disaster.

From the LA Times:

“We’ve been through this before,” said Karen Royer, loading her car. “I believe in God, and I know everything will be good.”

Minutes later, a plume of dark smoke billowed over a ridgeline.

“Can I revise that?” she asked. “Now I’m scared.”

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