The Dark Magic of Author Photos

I have a confession to make about my author photo: It’s a lie. Heavily retouched, populated with “reader-friendly” elements, what you see to the right is a complete fabrication. I don’t own a dog. (I accumulate cats.) I don’t ride old-school, vintage, soulful longboards. (I ride short boards, newish ones, and I’m an aggro frothing spazz.) I’ve usually got a beard or mustache going. The … Continue reading The Dark Magic of Author Photos


Some of you commented that my most recent post was your favorite. Either you like to watch state officials in their youth smoking weed, or you are naturally drawn to the aesthetics of the cameraphone picture. I’m going to roll the dice that it’s the latter. First of all, loyal readers know that I’ve half-assedly called out several vanity plates on this blog. Here’s where … Continue reading camouflage