You can’t possibly put on paper how much energy this band has live. Ami Shalev, the band’s singer was, at his highest point, hanging from a steel rafter roughly twenty feet above my head… and at his lowest had his head burried into a knocked over fifty galon trash bin, still singing. They’re a straight-forward, crunchy, loud, rock band. Don’t let that fool you though… … Continue reading Monotonix

The Interloper: A Novel
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> the interloper > a novel > by antoine wilson > handsel books / other press > May 22, 2007 As assured and sumptuously written as any first novel I’ve encountered– Antoine Wilson’s prose sings and the story he tells here is both clever and compelling. This is writing at its very best. T.C. Boyle Antoine Wilson’s novel snuck up on me: deceptively normal prose, … Continue reading The Interloper: A Novel
*** now with cover img & reviews!!!

Plug: UCLA Extension Writers’ Program

From time to time I teach fiction writing at the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program. I highly recommend the program to those of you looking for feedback on your work. It’s where I started to do so, way back when, after I got over myself. Information for the curious: The UCLA Extension Writers’ Program is the nation’s largest and most comprehensive continuing education writing program in … Continue reading Plug: UCLA Extension Writers’ Program

Calling attention…

…to a great post over at THIS SPACE about the material of expression. Stevens, Auster, Beckett. Here’s a bit of Beckett (from a letter) to pique your interest: Thus failure in life can hardly be anything but dismal at the best, whereas there is nothing more exciting for the writer, or richer in unexploited expressive possibilities, than the failure to express. Sure, if by exciting … Continue reading Calling attention…