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You can’t possibly put on paper how much energy this band has live. Ami Shalev, the band’s singer was, at his highest point, hanging from a steel rafter roughly twenty feet above my head… and at his lowest had his head burried into a knocked over fifty galon trash bin, still singing. They’re a straight-forward, crunchy, loud, rock band. Don’t let that fool you though… this band is incredibly powerful. You cannot possibly fully appreciate them until you see it live. To be honest, it was the best show I’ve seen in a long time.

I was lucky enough to see Monotonix open for Silver Jews a few months back, and I was blown away. I can’t wait for them to come back to town. Click on their name at your own risk.

Or click here to see 1500 pictures of cats, all on one page!!1!!11
(Not recommended for dial-up users.)

The Interloper: A Novel
*** now with cover img & reviews!!!

> the interloper
> a novel
> by antoine wilson
> handsel books / other press
> May 22, 2007

As assured and sumptuously written as any first novel I’ve encountered–
Antoine Wilson’s prose sings and the story he tells here is both clever and compelling. This is writing at its very best.

T.C. Boyle

Antoine Wilson’s novel snuck up on me: deceptively normal prose, a tightening plot, a quickening read, and then before long I was up late all scared and sad and freaked out. Who is this guy? I’m keeping my eye on him and you should too.
Daniel Handler, author of Adverbs

The Interloper is tautly written, suspenseful, and abidingly strange, a first novel that defies expectations in the most delightful way. Antoine Wilson delves into the dark corners of the human psyche and we readily follow, guided by his keen intelligence, wry humor, and razor-sharp prose. At once horrifying and oddly affecting, this book makes for compulsive reading.
Sarah Shun-lien Bynum, author of Madeleine Is Sleeping

His novel might be named for altogether different reasons, yet it’s author Wilson who has proven to be the true interloper. Although his pedigree is impressive (Iowa Writer’s Workshop, the Paris Review, “Best New American Voices”), Wilson has come seemingly out of nowhere to deliver a novel that is confident, well-paced and very, very creepy. Were he to meddle in literary affairs again and again, the world would be the better for it.
Tiffany Lee-Youngren, San Diego Union-Tribune

The pleasures of this wry debut novel lie not in wondering if things will turn out badly for Owen but in how badly they will go and how unreliable his narrative really is.

Pleasantly creepy debut novel…the pathos, delusion and hope festering within Owen will carry readers through.
Publishers Weekly

Wilson’s vivid first-person portrayal of Owen’s slow crescendo into obsession—despite its effect on the world he wants to restore—is disturbingly powerful…Wilson takes his readers down a dark spiraling path with an ever-increasing tempo where past childhood memories and hatred collide with resounding tragedy.
Nelly Heitman, ForeWord Magazine

OH, what thrilling dread, falling in with a character as twisted as the narrator of Antoine Wilson’s terrific first novel, “The Interloper.” It’s like leaving a party with a designated driver, only to discover as you swerve down the driveway that your new friend is drunker than you are. Or worse, completely insane.
Jess Walter, LA Times Sunday Book Review

Plug: UCLA Extension Writers’ Program

From time to time I teach fiction writing at the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program. I highly recommend the program to those of you looking for feedback on your work. It’s where I started to do so, way back when, after I got over myself.

Information for the curious:

The UCLA Extension Writers’ Program is the nation’s largest and most comprehensive continuing education writing program in the United States where adult learners study with their choice of more than 250 professional screenwriters, fiction writers, playwrights, poets, nonfiction writers and writers of children’s literature. The Writers’ Program offers more than 550 courses annually, both on-site and online, as well as a yearly Writers Studio, nine-month Master Classes, a screenplay competition, and writing consultations – all designed to help students meet their writing goals. For more information, visit the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program

Calling attention…

…to a great post over at THIS SPACE about the material of expression. Stevens, Auster, Beckett. Here’s a bit of Beckett (from a letter) to pique your interest:

Thus failure in life can hardly be anything but dismal at the best, whereas there is nothing more exciting for the writer, or richer in unexploited expressive possibilities, than the failure to express.

Sure, if by exciting you mean drinking too much coffee and succumbing to a jittery nap as errands go un-run.