I keep meaning to update my site / work out my new design / keep things exciting for those of you who put in the hard labor of typing antoinewilson.com into your browsers, but then I get distracted by this novel-shaped thing I’m working on. I hope you’ll accept my apology. Oh and BTW – if you show up here and the site is all … Continue reading Quiet


Last night I went out for some Karaoke with my wife and a few friends. We got a private room for four at a place on Sawtelle and had an amazing time. (Der Kommisar, anyone? She Blinded Me With Science?) It was such a transformative experience, I wondered whether I should write about it. But not really. And so one Google search later, I found … Continue reading Karaoke!

a nameless phenomenon

I write to you from the St Louis airport, enroute to Iowa City. Looking at the map on the plane, I see that I’ve come a little too far east, but I guess that’s how hubs work. And when you’re traveling on miles and points, that’s how you roll. I invite my blogreading public to name the following phenomenon: 1. Read a news story. Ahmadinejad: … Continue reading a nameless phenomenon