“It’s a kind of totemistic thing, you know.”

A long time ago, when I was just a tadpole, I read a book called V. by Thomas Pynchon, and it helped me decide–along with The New York Trilogy by […]

The Dark Magic of Author Photos

I have a confession to make about my author photo: It’s a lie. Heavily retouched, populated with “reader-friendly” elements, what you see to the right is a complete fabrication. I […]

Writing is Easy

Some of these words (the ones not crossed out) actually made into the book. They’ll be looking much more spruced up and fancy come September 2012. Hope you’ll revisit them […]

Why I Love Your Book Group

One of the pleasures of publishing a book is getting to hold a reading at your local bookshop. Family and friends show up, along with a few fans, former students, […]

PANORAMA CITY…coming in 2012

THE NEW NOVEL IS DONE. PANORAMA CITY will be released by Grove/Atlantic’s Black Cat Books in 2012. Here’s a tease, from Publisher’s Marketplace: THE INTERLOPER author Antoine Wilson’s PANORAMA CITY, […]

poets versus fiction writers

My second year at Iowa, I lived with three poets in a farmhouse out on Taft Ave SE. Here’s a fake painting of it, complete with cut-and-paste signature. (It had […]

Invitation to a Smackdown

Leo and I were watching Curious George this morning. The Man with the Yellow Hat said “an artist’s life is full of hard knocks, George.” Damn straight. One of those […]

Letter to a Young Writer, in the Form of a Top Ten List

Dear 23 year-old Antoine Wilson, Here’s a list of ten things you might consider but probably won’t: 10. When you pick up the pen, put down the pipe. 9. If […]

Hero to Zero

Ever find yourself comparing your work to the work of some master you’ve always admired? The worst possible time to do this (and therefore the time it’s likeliest to happen) […]