dropping wisdom, coffee

[these are the official pics. i’m not really eating or drinking here. acting!] I’m interviewed by Callie Miller at LAist: You always have to come back to the stuff that […]

Human Behavior Dept.

One of the great pleasures of great old-school novels is watching character play out. Sometimes you get to start at the beginning and ride along as the character develops, other […]

Onion Editorial Cartoons

[the little guy in the corner kills me every time] For a while now, I’ve been enjoying the crazy parodic right-wing editorial cartoons in The Onion, with their layers upon […]

Whassa Matta With Kids Todayyyy?

From Emily Nussbaum’s article Say Anything in New York. Right now the big question for anyone of my generation seems to be, endlessly, “Why would anyone do that?” This is […]

Choices, a Dim Sum Cafe*

And what are your alternatives? Through the ages, they have been: 1) Artists as quasi-priests, feared and propitiated; 2) Artists as court entertainers, in the pay of kings and princes; […]