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things to read while waiting for a baby to arrive…

Sometimes, when I read Josh Wolk’s blog I find myself wondering how he comes up with such thoughtful, well-structured posts every damn time. You’d think the guy is writing a column every time he opens his browser window.

Meanwhile, over here, I hit you, faithful readers, with random barrages of youtube links, surfing crap, and “hey–my book got reviewed again.”

Clearly, I’ve got a lot to learn.

Give me time.

In the meanwhile, prepare to have your mind blown.

THIS POST (CLICK AT YOUR OWN RISK! (totally sfw)) made my head explode a little.


Senor Wilson


Laurel Snyder’s running a little contest over at her kids-books-blog:

Here’s the deal:

I need to NAME a dastardly fellow, a filthy scoundrel, a naughty man from the Wild Wild West, stuck in the 21st century. He’s truly rotten– cruel to animals, mean to kids, and willing to rob banks and kidnap YOU just for the fun of it. He wears a black hat and a long dark coat. He smells funny.

Can you help me???


I’ll select the best name I’m offered for use in my book (Random House, 2009), and the winner will be thanked most graciously, and also given a signed ARC of the finished book, and the chance to name ANOTHER character in the book as well (I’ll select the character). But they can name this other character ANYTHING THEY WANT!

Names must be suitable for ages 7-11, so I guess that means no Scrotum Scrotemicus?