but do i sound kind of canadian?


Thanks, Ed!


Wilson: Maybe some of the more classical allusions came from the fact that I was reading Don Quixote while I was writing the book.

Correspondent: Oh, okay.

Wilson: And also had only recently realized that Knight Rider was a recapitulation of all those knight errant stories. So I was sort of interested in that kind of thing and…

Correspondent: But, wait, Knight Rider, you say?

Wilson: Yeah, the TV show.

Correspondent: Yeah. The relationship between Knight Rider and Don Quixote.

Wilson: Yeah. Knight Rider, Michael Knight, is a knight errant.

Correspondent: Yes.

Wilson: He roams the countryside looking to perform acts of chivalry for various people on his trusty steed, KITT, and then he’s got his patron, Devlin, and then his woman is totally desexualized — well, she’s sexy, but she’s not sort of in a sexual relationship with him. The other woman on the show.

Correspondent: Bonnie was Dulcinea? Jesus.

2 thoughts on “but do i sound kind of canadian?

  1. Hey New Leonid tell your mom and dad that this is proud grandad messaging. Will you sound Canadian? I hope so..
    Have a good day, eh!!!!!
    ps Antoine The Brits had a similar experience in Iraq after WW1. The great depression of 1929 finally forced them to withdraw. Hope history does not repeat itself.
    Army brainwash resulting in cerebral suds here at Ft Gen Leonard Wood. Google him… interesting. He was a warrior MD and a buddy of Teddy Roosvelt during the Spanish American war. Unintended consequense is the flood of lovely Fillopinas distracting otherwise noble army MDs like yrs truly. Love youall Crissy, Leonid and Antoine DAD

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