about antoine

about antoine

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My full name is Antoine Leonide Thomas Wilson.

I was born in Montreal, in 1971.

I grew up for the most part in Southern California, with spells in Central California and Saudi Arabia.

Attended Santa Monica High School, UCLA, and the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop. After the MFA, I did a one-year fellowship at the Wisconsin Institute for Creative Writing.

I’ve taught creative writing at Iowa, Wisconsin, OTIS College of Art and Design, CSU Long Beach, UC San Diego, PEN Center USA, and UCLA Extension.

I’ve always wanted to be a writer, or at least I’ve never wanted to stop writing.

I published some stories after grad school, by sending them out to a million places and getting rejected everywhere but one.

My first novel, The Interloper, was published by Other Press in May 2007.

It was not the first novel I wrote.

My second novel, Panorama City, was published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in Fall 2012.

A Public Space is my favorite literary magazine.

That’s not my dog in the picture. Or my surfboard.

I live in Los Angeles with my wife and son and daughter and innumerable cats.

I write every day, almost.

If you’ve read all the way down to here, perhaps you’ll want to read my self-administered Proust Questionnaire.

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  2. Paul Howe


    I picked up a copy of “Panorama City” because of a review in the SF Chronicle and I really enjoyed it. I admit that I’ve known a few “slow absorbers” in my time, but they haven’t always been as perceptive, or as entertaining, as Oppen. He is a terrific character. Great work. Thanks.

  3. Dave Fox

    I just finished The Interloper. Outstanding. I had previously read Panorama City (so I read you in reverse order.)

    The books were five years apart. Don’t make us wait for another five years. You are a treasure. (And so handsome!)

  4. Diane Escalante

    My book club read your book this month. We will soon gather to discuss it. I love it, as in still loving it. I am a retired inner city school teacher so when I first wrote down the author’s name, Antoine Wilson, I thought “must be an African American writer.” Ok. I see on the book jacket, must be Canadian. Later, what on earth was a Canandian born California surf boy doing in Saudia Arabia. Needless to say, the author is as interesting as Oppen, the protagonist. Having taught in the heart of the city, I met many slow absorbers and wished for them a watchful loving parent and Aunt Liz with healthy neglect so they might become men and women of the world with a touch of provincial to get them through. Thank you, Antoine, still loving your book.PS dear to my heart that the surf board and the dog are not yours. I am still smiling.

  5. I am an Iranian translator and journalist and I have translated works of many American and other nationals into Farsi for the first time and featured them in Golestaneh monthly and other Iranian periodicals. Among the many I recall Tobias Wolff, Raymond Carver, Joyce Carol Oates, Lori Ostlund, Slavatore Scibona, Tea Obret, Dinaw Mengestu, Daniel Alarcon, Luisa Valenzuela, Ethan Canin, Jay Boyer, Chinua Achebe, Edwidge Danticat, Sandra Cisneros,Ben Loory and so far.

    I read some of your works and I liked them very much. I will try my best to find more works of yours and enjoy them.And maybe I do a feature about you in one of Iranian literary magazines.



  6. Rosanne Erhardt

    As a Valley resident for 52 years, I was intrigued by the title, Panorama City; so this 80-year-old checked it out of the library. Struck right from the beginning by the wonderful writing, the original way Oppen’s mind and insights are presented, and the bits of philosophy that inspire a lot of thought. It’s a book that deserves to be set aside for a second, more contemplative reading to fully absorb Wilson’s thoughtful take on our culture.

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