A Thought and 1/2 on Publishing

So far, the most disjunctive, dissociative experience in this whole book-publishing process has been taking the afternoons to address the copy-editing or interior design of the book, after spending all morning navigating the thick fogbanks of a new project.

In general, when I’m working on something, I find it useful to put out of my mind any possibility of publication and just engage the work itself. To come out of that compositional groping and attend to the physical details of a soon-to-be-published-novel is a bit of a mindfuck.

When I envision the whole reading-writing thing, I envision the private, intimate act of writing connected by a slender thread to the private, intimate act of reading.

That little vision is my moly on the Circe’s island of book publishing, promotion, publicity, marketing, etc.

2 thoughts on “A Thought and 1/2 on Publishing

  1. It’s part of the territory, Antoine, all that junk with copy-edit and graphic design. Just do it after your reading. Is your editor on the east coast? With the time zone change, it really doesn’t matter if you tackle it the same day.

    I’ve worked in advertising almost twelve years, and have had to deal with copy-edit (and clients and the client’s wife and product information and legal and network standards) every day. It’s a drag, but you do get used to it.

    Unfunny copy edit story: the place where I work changed the department supervisor of copy edit about a year ago. He decided to put his “stamp” on our grammar. For instance, we suddenly had to put commas in front of “and” in serial expressions, such as “red, white, and blue.” Also, we got rid of the pesky comma in front of the word “too,” such as, “it has a CD player, too.” Mind boggling. Stupid. Quite possibly socialist.

    The upshot is, once I started to automatically make these “corrections,” the supervisor was let go and we went back to the old way. Ugh.

  2. Ah, yeah, I get it. And the putting-together-a-book stuff is actually fun in a lot of ways. But the disjunct comes between that and the actual composition of something, which is a dark and mysterious experience…and becomes more so every day. A

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