a nameless phenomenon

I write to you from the St Louis airport, enroute to Iowa City. Looking at the map on the plane, I see that I’ve come a little too far east, but I guess that’s how hubs work. And when you’re traveling on miles and points, that’s how you roll.

I invite my blogreading public to name the following phenomenon:

1. Read a news story.

Ahmadinejad: “In Iran we don’t have homosexuals like in your country.”

2. Come up with knee-jerk, “a-ha,” joke about news story.

Larry Craig: “I am not gay.”

3. Google to see if anyone else has come up with it.

Google Blogsearch: “senator craig ahmadinejad”

4. Find that someone else has already come up with the same lame joke.

One of many: “…including sending Larry Craig to Tehran to negotiate with hand signals and toe taps.”

5. Give up.

***Or ignore the fact that everyone else has done it and do it better***

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